The Habibi Dancers

Dedicated to the study and performance of Middle Eastern Dance

Past Performances

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Oct - Ooky Spooky (Kalamazoo)
Oct - La Madame Onca O'Leary Seminar and Performance (Mishawaka)
Sept - Mid Michigan Family Theater production of Aladdin
Sept - Frontier Days Parade (Charlotte)
Aug - Southside Showcase and Farmers Market (Lansing)
Jul - Arab Chaldean Festival (Detroit)
Jul - 4th of July Parade (Lansing)
Jun - Mudge's Follies (Grand Ledge)
Jun - Crowmaine Library (Hartland)
Jun - Gizzardfest (Potterville)
Jun - Willow Tree Family Center Summer Soiree (Lansing)
Jun - Art on the Grant (Farmington)
May - Follies Fundraiser (Grand Ledge)
Apr - Maple Syrup Festival (Vermontville)
Apr - LCC Culture Week (Lansing)
Apr - Annual Habibi Workshop and Performance (East Lansing)
Mar - Cirque autour de Monde (Toledo)
Feb - Bellydance Super Stars Club Bellydance (Detroit)

Dec - Peckham Holiday Party (private party)
Dec - Divas Annual Performance (Saginaw)
Nov - Great Lakes Bellydance Convention (Lansing)
Oct - Senior Center Fundraiser (Charlotte)
Oct - Ooky Spooky (Kalamazoo)
Sept - Family Reunion (private party)
Sept - Renaissance Festival (Holly)
Sept - Michigan Mosaic Music Festival (Lansing)
Aug - Southside Festival (Lansing)
Aug - Allen Street Farmer's Market (Lansing)
July - Arab World Festival (Detroit)
July - Habibi Hafla (Haslett)
July - Independence Day Parade, (downtown Lansing)
June - Allen Street Farmer's Market (Lansing)
June - Mudges Follies (Potterville, MI)
June - Gizzard Fest (Potterville, MI)
June - Arab International Festival (Dearborn, MI)
May - Evening at the Oasis (Mishawaka, IN)
May - Planet Bellydance (Lansing)
May - Davisburg Elementary (Davisburg, MI)
April - Communi-tea at Wanders Tea House (Lansing)
April - Annual Habibi Workshop and Performance (Lansing)
March - Mudges Follies Fundraiser (Grand Ledge)
February - Alf Laila wa Laila: 1001 Nights (Toledo, OH)
February - Happendance (Holt)
February - Ladies Cedar Club of Lansing Hafli (Lansing)

November - Great Lakes Bellydance Convention (Ann Arbor)
October - Hafla & Souk hosted by the Habibi Dancers
September & October - Michigan Renaissance Festival (Holly)
September - Southside Festival (Lansing)
August - Allen Street Farmer's Market (Lansing)
August - Arab & Chaldean World Festival (Detroit)
July - MEA TV & Radio 2nd Annual Cultural & Music Festival (Warren City Square)
July - 4th of July Parade (Lansing)
June - Allen Street Farmer's Market (Lansing)
June - Mudges' Follies (Potterville)
June - Arab International Festival (Dearborn)
June - Gizzard Fest (Potterville)
June - Belly Dance Diva's Annual Show (Bay City)
May - Holt High School Prom (Holt)
April - Habibi's Annual Spring Workshop & Performance (Lansing)