The Habibi Dancers

Dedicated to the study and performance of Middle Eastern Dance

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Help the Habibi Dancers fulfill their mission in the community: to promote understanding and appreciation of Middle Eastern music and dance to preserve and communicate this appreciation through educational activities and programs related to the art of Middle Eastern dance and music including classes, lecture demonstrations, concerts, seminars, trips, and performances for the benefit of all residents in the community without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin or financial status.

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Started: August 26, 2012
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The Habibis are so fortunate to have supporters of all kinds, from volunteers to individual donors like you. Because of this, we’re able to offer Middle Eastern dance everywhere – not just in theaters like the Hannah Center in East Lansing. The Habibis are regularly performing at ethnic and outdoor festivals, schools, and community events across Michigan and the Midwest. Your donation allows us to perform at events like a school assembly at Davisburg Elementary and the Arab International Festival in Dearborn. Most of our outreach performances are offered at little to no charge to the public, because we proudly carry on the tradition of presenting authentic repertoire of styles and music, ranging from ethnic to cabaret to the community. With that in mind, I hope you’ll consider making a donation to the Habibi Dancers today.

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